We offer a full range of external tax engine services to meet your needs – from choosing the right engine to helping your team use it. We can also configure your native system so that it can meet complex tax requirements.

Analyzing your requirements to decide if an external tax engine is right for you. If yes, we advise which one will meet your needs.
Integrating your chosen tax engine into your existing finance system.
Setting the right parameters so that VAT calculations are done correctly and automatically.
Creating a full project plan, managing stakeholders, and ensuring delivery.
Helping your team not only understand the new system or processes, but also how to maintain it and evaluate results.








  • We are passionate about helping you make global tax compliance easier.
  • Why? Because we know how much better it is for companies when they don’t have to worry about their indirect tax determination.
  • On average, the companies we help spend 75 less time and resources on meeting tax obligations. That means more capacity to focus on things that your company really cares about.
  • You deserve a more efficient and cost-effective way to meet tax compliance requirements. Let us help you put the tools in place – whether you need an external engine or just the know-how to configure your existing finance system.things that your company really cares about.
  • ‘ People do business with people they know, like, trust and value.’ – Ty Bennett


Mehrdad Talaifar
Mehrdad Talaifar
VP EMEA Professional Services
I had the pleasure and opportunity to work directly and indirectly with Girish on several global tax engine deployments with SAP and Oracle supporting sales, use and value added taxes across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and EMEA. He is one of few highly experienced and knowledgeable tax technology consultants or Taxologists.
Fahad Mir
Fahad Mir
Managing Director at Tytho bright tax automation
I have worked with Girish on various occasions in the past when he was my line manager. Girish has incredible work ethics in general with simple and clear architectural design ideas for Tax automation. Apart from design Girish has excellent knowledge on SAP FI, SD and MM modules including VAT reporting and integration.
Richard Baxter
Richard Baxter
Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting
​I worked with Girish extensively on a variety of SAP and tax automation challenges in large corporates over a 5 year period. Girish has a great knowledge of his subject matter, is always capable of solving a problem and takes a very commercial approach to his tasks. Girish is one of the few IT specialists I know capable of explaining complex problems to the layman.​
Iman Deschatres
Iman Deschatres
Tax Director at Taxamo
"I have worked alongside Girsh for 4 years on large tax engine implementation project. I was in the tax team and he was the sole tax technology specialist that was able to explain to me in simple words the issues involved He is a problem solver and he has an impressive knowledge of the tax engine available on the market. How they works and their strong point." I always highly recommend him

“We have been notified that some of our valuable clients have received phishing emails, texts and phone call scams and even fake invoices under our companies logo, we advise that until you speak to the directors Mr Girish Belur or Mrs Chethana Girish directly regarding your work / business, you should not be making invoice payments. We confirm and certify that we hold no responsibility for any breach of your privacy. Please don’t disclose your bank accounts to anybody and please don’t just transfer the funds until you are aware that we have done some work for you. “