Dealing with an aggressive co-worker can be difficult, but there are plenty of ways you can think of to handle the situation constructively:

Keep calm: It is important to remain calm and calm in the face of insults. Reacting in anger or frustration can only make matters worse.

Deal with it privately: When you feel comfortable, have a private conversation with your co-worker and voice your concerns. Choose a time and place where you can have open, honest conversations without distractions.

Use “I” statements: During the conversation, focus on how their actions make you feel instead of blaming you. Use “I” words to talk about your feelings and concerns without being defensive.

Set boundaries: Politely let the co-worker know that their behavior is not unacceptable to you. Learn what behaviors you find rude and ask them to respect your boundaries.

Seek understanding: Try to understand their point of view. They have obvious reasons for their actions that you are not aware of. Understanding their point of view, however, does not mean that they are rude.

Get a supervisor or supervisor involved: If the rudeness persists despite your best efforts, consider discussing the matter with your boss or supervisor. Give specific examples and show your willingness to resolve the problem amicably.

Recording Events: Keep records of stigma incidents, noting dates, times, places, what was said or done. These cards can be useful if you want to escalate the problem.

Seek mediation: If the situation doesn’t improve, you can suggest mediation. In this case, a neutral third party lets you have a conversation with your colleague in order to reach a decision.

HR: If the issue persists and your workplace has an HR department, consider reporting the problem to them. Guidance on how to deal with the situation can be provided in company policies.

Use self-monitoring: Dealing with an aggressive co-worker can be emotionally draining. Be sure to nurture yourself with activities that will help you relax and manage stress.

Focus on your reaction: While you can’t control your colleague’s behavior, you can control how you react to it. Work to remain productive and calm regardless of their actions.

Talk to your peers : Sometimes talking to trusted colleagues can provide insight, advice, or even a shared understanding of the situation.

Remember that the best approach may vary depending on your comfort level, workplace culture, and the severity of the stigma. Your goal should be to resolve the issue in a way that promotes a respectful and productive work environment.